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Whole House Water Filtration from Culligan of Missoula, MT

HE Softener Cleer

You shouldn’t have to think about water…But you should, as water can be so harsh. Hard water and iron in your water can cause unpleasant taste and odors, stains on clothes, fixtures and dishes.

Hardness and iron form a scale that makes water heaters and other water-using appliances work harder in addition to clogging shower heads. Fortunately there is a solution… the Culligan HE Softener-Cleer. This smart technology thinks for you.

In addition to reducing hardness and iron, the Culligan® HE Softener-Cleer Plus stops that “Rotten Egg Odor” – Hydrogen Sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide can leave black stains on your laundry and bathroom fixtures. Even worse, it can cause damage to your pipes leading to costly repairs.

Do you dread turning on the tap and facing that rotten egg smell?
Have you had enough of rust stains or black spots on your laundry and fixtures?
If you answered yes, you can do something about it…

Culligan® HE Softener-Cleer:

  • Reduces rotten egg smell.
  • Reduces unpleasant taste and odor.
  • Reduces hardness.
  • Helps prevent rust stains and/or black spots on laundry and fixtures.
  • Helps prevent pipe damage from deposit build up.
  • Reduces iron reducing and sulfur reducing bacteria.
  • Lets you know how long your salt will last.
  • Control your filter from anywhere in the house with the optional remote display.
  • Optional Automatic Service Notifications to your local Culligan Man so you never have to worry
  • Culligan water systems are third party certified to perform as promised and are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry.

*Hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants are not necessarily in your water

The Culligan HE Softener-Cleer Conditioner offers Patented Smart Technology:

  • Automatic bypass valve provides the convenience of bypassing the water from the conditioner itself or the remote display.
  • Exclusive Culligan® Soft-Minder® meter monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics.
  • The easy to read back-lit display with digital clock lets you know your filter is working and warns of system malfunctions.
  • Optional remote display makes it possible to control and monitor the filter from virtually anywhere in the home.
  • Optional modem can alert your Culligan dealership if filter needs service.
  • The unique media cleaner is designed to clean media pores of iron, manganese, silt and metal particles,that cause conditioner inefficiencies.
  • The Culligan® Chlorine Generator produces chlorine that will reduce trace amounts of Iron Reducing Bacteria and Sulfur Reducing Bacteria.
  • Optional smart brine tank automatically monitors salt levels and tells you how many days of salt are remaining.

Exclusive reliable design:

  • Exclusive, non-corrosive valve. The motorized pistons provide more reliability in problem water than rotary valve systems.
  • Quadra-Hull® media tank provides four layers of protection and has a limited lifetime warranty.

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